A Quick Guide to Ensure Baby Car Safety

baby car safety

Baby car safety. A baby certainly adds loads of joy to your life. But that’s not all about parenthood. Your journey through parenthood can be equally overwhelming particularly when it’s about ensuring the physical safety of the toddler.

If you are frequently traveling by car, then it’s really important to keep your baby safe and sound during the ride. We are sharing some important Dos and Don’ts to help you keep your baby safe while traveling in a car.


  • If you are traveling by car with an infant, you must not make the baby sit on a rear-facing child car seat until he/she has gained full control over their ‘head-balance’ game. Babies who can sit without any assistance are the right ones to occupy such rear-facing child seats.
  •  While using a rear-facing car seat, don’t place them in the front seat of the car with an active airbag. This may cause serious head injury to your baby in case of any unforbidden collision.
  • Never leave the baby/toddler alone in the car, even for a second. An unattended baby can fall prey to any sort of accident and this could turn into grave danger in no time.
  • During a car journey, it is important to keep your child comfortable. So, don’t overdress your baby. Put clothes on your baby according to the season and don’t get tempted to make him/her look fashionable. Comfort comes first; fashion can wait.
  • Don’t allow the baby or toddler to stretch his/her head, legs, or arms out of the car window. This is a serious safety concern and you must not neglect it even for a moment.
  • We will advise you strongly not to travel with a baby and a pet together as both of them need your utmost attention. It is hard to keep an eye on two of your ‘babies’ at the same time. Take the pet onboard only if it’s an absolute necessity.


  • Always use a child car seat that fits the size and weight of your baby. The poorly fitted seat offers little protection in a crash. Fasten the seat belt properly before starting the car. 
  • Keep a tab on your baby even if he/she is not showing any sign of discomfort. Feeling nauseous is the most common thing that we face during a car journey. So does your baby. Therefore, check frequently if the baby is feeling good or not. 
  • The best way to keep the baby happy inside a car is to keep the baby engaged. If the baby is too small to talk, then you can simply play with his/her fingers or make them sip some water/juice. 
  • Do pack generic medicines along with the regular baby supplies that you carry. Don’t rely too much on roadside medicine shops to get them in time of an emergency.  
  • Activate the childproof door locks of your car as soon as your child gets into it. These locks are common these days and you just need to go through the car’s manual to get it activated. 
  • Store loose items in a locked box or behind the cargo barrier. In case of a collision, these are the first things to fly around and could pose a serious threat to your baby’s safety. 
  • Always get your baby in and out of the vehicle on the curbside. The primary goal of doing this is to keep the baby away from traffic. 
  • You should always practice safe driving and more so when you have a baby on board. Don’t drink, chat or talk over the phone while you are in the driver’s seat. 

Traveling is a joyful ride and there’s absolutely no need to keep your baby away from those beautiful rides. Just follow these easy safety tips to keep them safe and let them enjoy everything beautiful in this world.