What To Do When Your Baby Wakes up Every Hour?

baby wakes up every hour

Want to know what to do when your baby wakes up every hour? Let’s explore!

Babies need more sleep as they keep growing in their first few months. At least 18 hours of the day are spent sleeping. But, the sleep duration is not more than 1.5 to 2 hours at a stretch. This is because you have fed your baby every few minutes when she was in the womb. She needs more food when born to compensate for the rapid growth. So, it usually takes 3 months for the baby to sleep 6 to 7 hours at a stretch. However, this need not be true for every baby.

Why is it worrisome apart from your disturbed sleep schedule?

When your baby is up on and off through the night, it is not only you who get sleep disturbed but the tiny one too. If she is over 4 months, sleeping for 3 to 4 hours continuously is mandatory. She might wake up for a feed or a diaper change. If you feel your baby wakes up every hour, checks out with your pediatrician to rule out infections. Check if she gets enough food and if her pee count is normal. Separation anxiety too can be the culprit. You need to look for the reasons behind it to ensure finding the right solutions. Here are things you can do to prevent her from getting awake every hour after she is in bed.

Feed her full

  • One of the major reasons babies are up during the night is they are hungry. So feed her full before you make her sleep.
  • Babies sleep during the feed. This is because feeds soothe them to sleep. Ensure she is fully awake during the feed sessions.
  • Look for the swallowing sound. This is the best way to ensure she gets the necessary calories, and not simply sucking to satiate.
  • You can also increase the feeding frequency during the mornings, and evenings. If she has a growth spurt, then this is the ideal way to give her enough calories.
  • She can enjoy a full night’s sleep, (and so can you) when her tummy is full, and the calorie count is met.

Allow her to sleep on her own

what to do when your baby wakes up every hour

  • Most parents put the baby to bed after a rocking, singing, co-sleeping, or a few by walking around the baby on the shoulders. When trained in this manner, the baby never gets a chance to sleep on her own.
  • Feeding her full helps her to fall asleep faster. Make a convenient bed for her. Use white noise to help her sleep, like a fan or an AC. You can also try the apps for white noise.
  • Prevent light from entering the room, so that she can have a comfy sleep. If she prefers mild light, use them while she is asleep.
  • To keep off your worry, you can use a baby monitor.

Stick to the bedtime schedule

  • Late bed hours can be the reason why your baby keeps waking up every hour.
  • When the bedtime is past 10:30 PM, there are higher chances the baby keeps playing in the evening and gets very tired.
  • When she is tired, she would not able to sleep properly through the night.
  • Aim for an early dinner and stick to the bedtime of 8:30 PM to 9:00 PM every day.

Remember: At times the milestones can be the reason why your baby wakes up every hour. For instance, teething can cause the baby to lose interest in food, playing, and sleeping. Or when she begins to stand or crawl, the energy is spent on these activities, leading to a lack of sleep.

When you have tried all these techniques, do not expect your baby to sleep through the night immediately. You need to wait for a couple of weeks to see the changes.