Best Massage Oils for Your Baby

massage oils for your baby

Massage is one of the best ways to boost your baby’s development. Most mums give their babies a nice massage before or after bathing them. It is a custom that is practiced in many countries due to the multiple benefits it offers, such as:

  • It helps to relax the baby and releases tension in the muscles
  • Helps to decrease irritability and excessive crying
  • Helps to reduce gas and promotes a healthy gut
  • Boost physical and mental development at a good pace
  • Strengthens the primary systems of the body

If you also massage your baby daily, then consider using good massage oil. It will make it easier for both of you and enhance the benefits of massage as well.

Best Massage Oils for Your Baby

massage oils for baby

Usually, two types of massage oils are available in the market for baby massage. You can either choose between vegetable oil or mineral-based oil. Both oils are considered safe for the baby and have various benefits for the baby.

However, most mums prefer organic vegetable-based oil because it is considered to be a better absorbent than mineral oil. It quickly gets absorbed by the skin and is safe for the baby as well even if the baby sucks on it. If you want to choose vegetable oil, then go for refined oil as they are better for your baby’s soft, delicate skin. They also have a mild smell and a better texture which will help create a pleasant massage experience for both of you.

Many mums also prefer mineral oil which is derived from petroleum products. These are also safe for your baby and have a good shelf life. If you live in an extremely hot or humid climate, even then the oil will be stable for a long time.

Some of the good oils for baby massage include:

Coconut oil (especially virgin coconut oil)

It is a widely used oil and is considered to be a good oil for dry and sensitive skin. It will help to improve your baby’s skin texture as well as improve cognitive functions.

Almond oil

It is rich in Vitamin E and is known to improve skin texture. It also makes the skin thicker and stronger. Almond oil also provides development benefits.

Sunflower oil

One of the most widely used oils, it is usually safe for every skin type. In winter, it is the best choice since it helps to generate heat in the body and will ensure that your baby remains warm and comfortable.

Grapeseed oil – It contains a good fatty acid that provides a healthy dose of moisture to the skin. It also helps to reduce rashes.

You can also use shea butter or chamomile lotion as well for massaging your baby.

Tips to Remember when Massaging your Baby

Here are some tips that will help you give your baby a lovely massage experience –

  • Always choose an oil that is approved by the healthy authorities. It should be certified safe for the baby. Choosing a loosely sold oil or one that is not approved for use on babies might lead to serious health problems for your child.
  • Store the oil carefully and read the instructions on how to use it. Often some oils need to be stored differently than the rest. It is best to store and use them in the way mentioned to get the maximum benefit out of the oil.
  • When massaging your baby, remember to use gentle, upward strokes for the best experience. It helps to release tension and shape the muscles in an ideal way.