What do babies do at 3 months?

Babies grow drastically in a few weeks. Your little one reaches a comfort level at home when she completes 3 months. A lot of things happen over these 90 days and you start to enjoy parenting every minute. This is basically because the baby starts recognizing parents a lot more even when a bit far. […]

What are the three types of milk?

Have you ever wondered how your baby gets all the required nutrients during the first few months when they are more or less dependent on breastmilk alone? Breast milk acts as the only source of nutrition for your baby and is known to provide a wide variety of benefits for both the baby and the […]

What are the five advantages of breastfeeding?

Breast milk is the perfect blend of nutrients, enzymes and antioxidants that help the baby to hit developmental milestones and also develops a strong immune system that protects them throughout their life. Breast milk is also nature’s way of transferring live antibodies from the mother to the baby in the form of a compound known […]

Taking care of your baby’s teeth

The toothless gummy smile gradually transforms into tiny pearly teeth smile of two rows. A child’s teeth can appear anywhere between 6 months to 12 months. Your child’s milk teeth pave way for speaking, smiling, and chewing properly. You must take care of these teeth from the onset. These small teeth form a platform for […]

Storing Breast Milk

Getting back to work, going out for a few hours, or grabbing a few hours of sleep, are a few reasons why you would want to store breast milk. Pumping your breast milk can be done manually or using breast pumps. The key is to store them to ensure the quality of the breast milk […]

Soothing music for your baby

Over the centuries humans have been singing to their babies to calm them and make them sleep. Many parents would acknowledge the fact that after trying to soothe the baby with multiple tricks, the music finally would have helped. This is because music has a healing touch. Get to know more about choosing the right […]

Make these easy baby foods at home

Introducing solids to children is a challenging task for parents. A few parents try the foods available on the market. A few want to try making baby foods at home. This has major advantages over store-bought foods, such as – You can try different food choices. It is easy to make smaller quantities, and you […]