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How Can I Help My Baby Learn?

baby learn

Babies keep learning throughout their first year. The tiny infant that doesn’t know anything but to feed and cry to ask for help, starts smiling, babbling, crawling, walking, standing, singing, and a lot more during the first 12 months. Apart from the instinct to learn new things, it is also the responsibility of the parents […]

Best Ways To Boost Your Baby’s Brain Power

boost your baby’s brain power

What are the best ways to boost your baby’s brain power? You must have heard that a baby develops a lot of neural connections during the first few years of their life. However, what you might not know is that a lot of these connections are also lost during those same initial years if not […]

Baby’s Growth Spurts to Lookout For

babies growth spurts

A growth spurt in babies is something that every parent should be aware of; being aware of it will enable you to help your baby sail through the phase. You will also not panic or get alarmed about things that are usually common during a growth spurt. In this article, we explore the various aspects […]

Soothing Music for Your Baby

music for your baby

Over the centuries humans have been singing to their babies to calm them and make them sleep. Many parents would acknowledge the fact that after trying to soothe the baby with multiple tricks, the music finally would have helped. This is because music has a healing touch. Get to know more about choosing the right […]

Developmental Milestones of Babies

developmental milestones of babies

Babies learn a lot of things over their first year. It is quite astonishing how the tiny baby that does not know anything but take the milk offered, gets to grab things, turn the house topsy-turvy, dance, sing, walk, run, and do a lot of things when they turn 1. But this does not happen […]

Top Baby Walker Safety Tips

baby walker safety tips

Many parents believe that walkers motivate children to walk. They consider it to be helpful for their children. On the contrary, walkers are not recommended and have been recalled in many cases. Walkers have been proven to delay walking in children, compared with the kids who haven’t used walkers. A study also proved that children […]

How Do Babies Learn to Talk?

how do babies learn to talk

Babies are actually born ready to learn; however, while they are not able to talk much in the first few months of their life, they are able to easily communicate everything they feel. Usually, they are able to convey a lot of things like hunger, cold, and, even, the need to sleep by simply crying, […]

Is Your Baby Ready for Potty Training?

baby ready for potty training

Just like with other developmental milestones, each child has their own pace when it comes to potty training. Some kids might get potty trained even before they turn two, while some might not even try before pre-school. So, there is no clear timeline when it comes to potty training your child; however, there are some […]