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Constipation in Babies – Everything You Need To Know

constipation in babies

One of the best ways to know about the health of your baby is to look at their poop. It might sound unpleasant (and, yes, it often is); however, it is crucial to your child’s health. If your baby is pooping normally – it is a sign that they are eating food in sufficient quantities, […]

Best Foods To Improve Breast Milk

foods to improve breast milk

After delivering the newborn, the mother’s body starts secreting breast milk immediately. For a few new moms, and for moms who underwent C-Section, the process can be delayed. But, it happens without fail. If you feel your breast milk supply is less, and want to increase you need to add more protein to your diet. […]

Best Massage Oils for Your Baby

massage oils for your baby

Massage is one of the best ways to boost your baby’s development. Most mums give their babies a nice massage before or after bathing them. It is a custom that is practiced in many countries due to the multiple benefits it offers, such as: It helps to relax the baby and releases tension in the […]

All About Using White Noise for Baby’s Sleep

white noise for babies sleep

White noise contains all noise frequencies of the audible sound across the spectrum in equal measure. It is also called broadband noise. Various studies have proved that white noise helps humans in multiple ways, like helping in improved work performance and decreasing crying in infants. According to the American Academy of Paediatrics, white noise cuts […]

All About Using Baby Monitors

using baby monitors

Baby monitors have made life easy for new parents. Rushing to the room of a crying baby, or getting up in the mid of the night to ensure your baby is peacefully asleep, can be done peacefully when you use a baby monitor. Your baby has your attention while you are at work when you […]

All You Need To Know About Formula Feeding

formula milk feeding

We will just skip the never-ending debate about whether formula milk is as good as breast milk (it is a scientifically proven fact that breast milk is by far the best choice for any baby) because there can be situations where giving breast milk to your baby is just not possible. Instead, we will explore […]

5 Summer Safety Tips for Babies

summer safety tips for babies

A newborn needs extreme care till its first birthday. This is major because it cannot express its emotions in any form except for crying until this period. Caring for your baby during summer is hence very crucial. The usual crying might have different reasons behind it. Newborn babies should never be taken out in the […]

5 Best First Finger Foods for Babies

best finger foods for babies

Babies start showing a liking for food as early as five months. They try to imitate your action of eating and show signs of wanting the food you eat. Even if you have introduced solids to your baby at around six months or offered her finger foods, the best time to let her hear from […]

4 Common Birth Defects and Their Treatments

common birth defects

Most babies are born healthy in today’s modern world. However, still, 1 in 3 babies are born with some kind of defect; usually, congenital defects. Congenital defects refer to those acquired after conception or due to genetic problems. If your baby has been diagnosed with some birth defect, don’t panic. Many birth defects are treatable […]

Taking Care of Your Baby’s Teeth

taking care of your baby’s teeth

The toothless gummy smile gradually transforms into tiny pearly teeth smile of two rows. A child’s teeth can appear anywhere between 6 months to 12 months. Your child’s milk teeth pave way for speaking, smiling, and chewing properly. You must take care of these teeth from the onset. These small teeth form a platform for […]