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How Long Is Breast Milk Good For?

how long is breast milk good

Mother’s milk is the best food for babies. Even after a C-section doctors encourage mothers to breastfeed the babies as soon as possible. Only when there is no adequate breast milk, the formula is recommended for the babies. Many support groups let mothers in need get donor milk for babies from other nursing mothers. But, […]

Why Does My Baby Want To Be Held All the Time?

baby want to be held

Babies need attention. They also crave touch and sensation; that is why you will find that babies want to be held. They will also try to snuggle with you when the mood strikes. It is a fairly common behaviour in not just babies but, even, in young toddlers. However, what to do if your baby […]

What To Do When Your Baby Wakes up Every Hour?

baby wakes up every hour

Want to know what to do when your baby wakes up every hour? Let’s explore! Babies need more sleep as they keep growing in their first few months. At least 18 hours of the day are spent sleeping. But, the sleep duration is not more than 1.5 to 2 hours at a stretch. This is […]

What To Pack When Going Out With Your Baby

pack when going out with your baby

Traveling with a baby can be a tedious task in itself. Most parents avoid traveling with young infants because not only can it be a difficult task but it is also unsafe for the baby. Usually, doctors recommend avoiding any kind of travel, especially air travel with young infants since their immune systems are not […]

What Is Cryptic Pregnancy?

cryptic pregnancy

Have you heard of cryptic pregnancy before? It has been in the news quite a few times these days. Cryptic pregnancy, in simple words, is a condition in which the pregnancy is not discovered until after at least 20 weeks or so. And, while it might sound a little far-fetched, it is more common than […]

Understanding Sleep Pattern of Babies

sleep pattern of babies

Every baby has a unique sleep pattern. A few babies let their parents relax by taking naps for 2 or more hours at a stretch. A few would wake up every hour. Even the sleep patterns during the night vary a lot. A few babies sleep at a stretch, while few of them wake up […]

Top 10 Signs That You Are Pregnant

signs that you are pregnant

Hormonal changes and the body adjusting to the growth of the new baby can lead to several changes in your physique and psyche. It is recommended to test for pregnancy 2 weeks after missing your periods. One of the signs that you are pregnant is missing your periods. But, even a couple of days before […]

Tips To Prepare for Your Baby’s Arrival

prepare for your baby’s arrival

Are you expecting a baby anytime soon? Well, then you must start making some preparations to make it easier for both you and your baby. A baby needs a lot of room, care, and attention. You will also need to stock up on certain essential items. You might also have to make some major modifications […]

How To Trim a Baby’s Nails?

how to trim a baby’s nails

The tiny nails of the babies look cute and are pliable and soft. But still, they scratch your baby’s delicate skin. This is the very reason you need to trim their nails regularly. Their nails grow faster compared with the adults’ nails. You must trim your baby’s nails once every week. You can see that […]

How Can I Help My Baby Learn?

baby learn

Babies keep learning throughout their first year. The tiny infant that doesn’t know anything but to feed and cry to ask for help, starts smiling, babbling, crawling, walking, standing, singing, and a lot more during the first 12 months. Apart from the instinct to learn new things, it is also the responsibility of the parents […]