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A Quick Guide to Ensure Baby’s Car Safety

A baby certainly adds loads of joy to your life. But that’s not all about parenthood. Your journey through parenthood can be equally overwhelming particularly when it’s about ensuring the physical safety of the toddler. If you are frequently traveling by car, then it’s really important to keep your baby safe and sound during the […]

Living with Pets – Keeping your Baby Safe

Pets are loveable and loyal friends, yet unpredictable. You might be aware of how your pet reacts to other animals but cannot say so when you are expecting your bundle of joy. When babies grow, crawl, and walk, they tend to pull and grasp things around. Your pet can be one among them. Letting your […]

Some Reasons That a Baby May Cry

Babies cry They cry all the time because crying is the only way in which they can communicate with you. However, as a new parent, it can certainly be an overwhelming feeling when you cannot understand what your baby wants. In reality, it is not so tricky. All it needs is a little patience and […]

Make Bath Time Fun and Safe for Your Baby

Almost all babies love being in the water; it is like their own personal waterpark and they look forward to splashing around and enjoying a good time. However, bath time could be a nerve-wracking experience for parents because you are almost always worried that you might hurt him or her; especially, when they are wriggling […]

Home Safety Tips for Baby

  Keeping your baby safe is one of the greatest concerns for all parents. There are a lot of things we take for granted that are hazardous to your baby. You need to make changes around your home to make it safe for your baby, especially around the time they are beginning to crawl or […]