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Taking Care of Your Baby’s Teeth

taking care of your baby’s teeth

The toothless gummy smile gradually transforms into tiny pearly teeth smile of two rows. A child’s teeth can appear anywhere between 6 months to 12 months. Your child’s milk teeth pave way for speaking, smiling, and chewing properly. You must take care of these teeth from the onset. These small teeth form a platform for […]

Storing Breast Milk

storing breast milk

Getting back to work, going out for a few hours, or grabbing a few hours of sleep, are a few reasons why you would want to store breast milk. Pumping your breast milk can be done manually or using breast pumps. The key is to store them to ensure the quality of the breast milk […]

Living With Pets – Keeping Your Baby Safe

Living with pets – Keeping your baby safe

Pets are loveable and loyal friends, yet unpredictable. You might be aware of how your pet reacts to other animals but cannot say so when you are expecting your bundle of joy. When babies grow, crawl, and walk, they tend to pull and grasp things around. Your pet can be one among them. Letting your […]

Developmental Milestones of Babies

developmental milestones of babies

Babies learn a lot of things over their first year. It is quite astonishing how the tiny baby that does not know anything but take the milk offered, gets to grab things, turn the house topsy-turvy, dance, sing, walk, run, and do a lot of things when they turn 1. But this does not happen […]

Can Babies Have Nightmares?

can babies have nightmares

Your baby can cry in the mid of the night due to various reasons. The most common is for feed and diaper change. These can be easily soothed just by doing the necessary action. Illness can also lead to crying babies during the night. There is another reason why you would be confused about how […]

Best Baby Bottle Care

best baby bottle care

Baby bottles come in different shapes and materials. Regardless of the milk you use- breast milk or formula milk, choosing the right bottle and taking proper care of it is the key to ensuring your baby is safe. Improper maintenance and cleaning of bottles can lead to infections and other risks. Get to know the […]

Home Safety Tips for Baby

safety tips for baby

Keeping your baby safe is one of the greatest concerns for all parents. There are a lot of things we take for granted that are hazardous to your baby. You need to make changes around your home to make it safe for your baby, especially around the time they are beginning to crawl or walk. […]

Some Reasons That a Baby May Cry

why do babies cry

They cry all the time because crying is the only way in which they can communicate with you. However, as a new parent, it can certainly be an overwhelming feeling when you cannot understand what your baby wants. In reality, it is not so tricky. All it needs is a little patience and practice; and, […]