Developmental Milestones of Babies

developmental milestones of babies

Babies learn a lot of things over their first year. It is quite astonishing how the tiny baby that does not know anything but take the milk offered, gets to grab things, turn the house topsy-turvy, dance, sing, walk, run, and do a lot of things when they turn 1. But this does not happen with each baby. A few babies can take time to walk, speak, or do other things. Developmental milestones tell if your baby is on the right track. Find here the important milestone age and type described here.

Age and milestone achievements:

By 4 months:

Until 3 months old, the baby simply cries, eats, and sleeps. Also, most of them would be able to lift their head and have good hand-eye coordination. So, by the 4th month, you can see the following in your baby:

  • Your baby smiles and laughs, and shows enjoyment through these signs while playing with the parents or caretaker.
  • Makes different types of sounds. Parents would be now able to understand why they cry. Pain, hunger, and tiredness can be differentiated through their cries and actions.
  • Babbling sounds and cooing are present during this stage.
  • They can grab toys within the reach of their hands, and can also roll on their tummy.

By 6 Months:

  • Recognition goes higher at this stage. Your baby would like to look at herself in the mirror and can identify strangers.
  • She responds when you call her by name.
  • She can now try to stand up, support weight with her legs, and rolls in both directions.
  • The vowel sounds now expand to consonants.

By 9 Months:

  • Understands when a parent says no. Also gets clingy to their favorite people.
  • Can point toward objects, and has favorite toys. The baby also uses the thumb and index finger to pick things.
  • Crawls and sits without any support, puts things in their mouth
  • Plays peekaboo

By 1 year:

  • Starts saying a few words
  • Becomes shy with strangers
  • Knows parents are away, and cries when they leave
  • Enjoys games and playing with toys.
  • Between 10 months to 1 year, parents can hear ‘mama’ and other first words
  • Can adhere to directions, drink from a cup, find things that are hidden
  • A few babies stand without support and walk a few steps.

Other milestones:

  • Between 4 and to 6months, the baby is ready for solids. This is the time to introduce finger foods and can switch to cow milk.
  • Around 4 to 6 months, the baby should hold the head up and should roll in both directions
  • This is the time for the babies to grab and bring objects to their mouths.
  • Before 12 months, the baby should be able to sit without support and try to stand holding things, if not independently. A few baby steps should be on the cards, even if with support.
  • A few babies may run and would have been completely weaned off the bottle. Taking solids 3 times a day is the food milestone the baby would have achieved by this time.

What happens when the baby does not reach milestones in time?

Not all babies are the same and would stick to the schedule. A few might walk by 10 months and a few might by 18 months. Parents must check the milestone achievement time from the initial stages. For example, if a baby does not lift the head by 3 months, but can do it by 4 months, it is still fine. But, not responding to name, lack of hand-eye coordination, and no smiles and babbles, mean that you need to consult the pediatrician immediately.

Remember: If your doctor feels a lack of a few actions as a point of concern, understand because he has analyzed the complete scenario. This might be the cause of concern.