Make These Easy Baby Foods at Home

baby foods at home

Introducing solids to children is a challenging task for parents. A few parents try the foods available on the market. A few want to try making baby foods at home.

This has major advantages over store-bought foods, such as –

  • You can try different food choices.
  • It is easy to make smaller quantities, and you can keep adding new varieties.
  • It is easy for you as a parent to understand the specific needs of your child.
  • It is healthier when compared with the store-bought options.
  • It is cheaper and can be made fresh whenever needed.

What are the requirements for making baby foods at home?

Purees are the best choice of baby foods. They are easy to swallow and digest. There are, however, a few tools that would make the process of pureeing easy.

Many modern gadgets let you get the desired consistency of puree. Here are a few things you must own for this process:

  • Baby food grinder
  • Strainer
  • Baby food maker
  • Steamer

Top 5 baby foods that you must try

1. Avocado Puree

Blend a fresh avocado in a blender. You can also mash it with a fork. This is a fruit rich in healthy fats. It is also low-allergenic. Add lemon juice, if you want to store it for later. Keep in mind that you need to avoid salt and sugar for babies for at least a year.

2. Kiwi Puree

A bright and flavorsome food is kiwi puree. Choose ripe kiwis and if they are tart then add some applesauce. Peel the skin, and blend the fruit. You can also add almond milk or water to get the desired consistency.

3. Mango Puree

This puree is made in seconds. Choose either fresh mangoes or thawed frozen mangoes. Peel the skin, and discard the seed. Blend in the processor. It is rich in vitamins and a great option to introduce colorful foods to your babies.

4. Strawberry Puree

There is no need for any additional liquid when you make a strawberry puree. Blend the berries in a blender, and you can add applesauce if needed. It will add extra sweetness.

5. Banana Puree

This is a simple baby food yet gives lots of benefits. It is rich in vitamins and tastes yummy. It is easy to digest for babies. Choose the banana with brown spots for good results.

Pro Tip: When you use fruits with seeds, ensure all the seeds are removed. Else, it might make the baby feel uncomfortable, and can be hazardous too. It is also important to peel the skin completely.

How to get the best results

  • Always ensure that the blender has enough volume of the fruit for fine blending.
  • Check the taste of the fruits. For instance, a few mangoes can be tart too. Checking the sweetness helps your baby to enjoy the food.
  • Use breast milk, water, or formula to get the desired consistency.
  • If you plan to store the foods after a week or so, freeze them in an ice cube tray. After 3 days, remove the cubes and store them in freezer bags. This can be stored for 3 months. To feed the baby thaw the food overnight in air-tight containers.
  • Gradually, try adding two purees for introducing a variety of flavors.
  • When using veggies for purees, add yogurt or coconut milk to add to the protein content.

Recommendation: You can also make purees of different vegetables. But, you need to steam or cook or bake them before making purees. The same can be done for hard fruits like apples. Switch to chunkier bits of foods when your child grows older.