Best Foods To Improve Breast Milk

foods to improve breast milk

After delivering the newborn, the mother’s body starts secreting breast milk immediately. For a few new moms, and for moms who underwent C-Section, the process can be delayed. But, it happens without fail. If you feel your breast milk supply is less, and want to increase you need to add more protein to your diet. Also, verify if you are lactating in the right posture. Cutting off stress is also important for proper lactation.

You can also try the below foods to improve breast milk supply. The foods listed here are rich in minerals, and aid in boosting the milk supply.

1. Fenugreek

  • Fenugreek is trusted across cultures to help improve breast milk supply. This herb is very popular in Asian cuisine.
  • Boil a spoon of fenugreek seeds in water for 5 minutes. Then strain the seeds, and have them as tea. You can also cool it down to take the water.
  • Make your fenugreek cookies with wheat flour, oats, yeast, brown sugar, and cinnamon. You can also find multiple dishes where fenugreek can be used.

2. Garlic

  • This is another food that is used across nations to improve breast milk in new moms.
  • The galactagogue present in garlic is responsible for improving milk supply. Studies prove that garlic shows improvement in breast milk in mothers, compared with mothers who do not consume it.
  • Garlic also helps in improving the immune system of babies due to its natural compounds.
  • It is easy to include garlic in any of your favorite foods.

3. Sesame

  • Sesame seeds are a storehouse of calcium, minerals, and omega-6 fatty acids. The plant estrogen in sesame seeds improves breast milk supply.
  • The calcium present in these seeds is helpful for the mother and the baby
  • You can add them to your salads, and many other recipes.
  • In Indian homes, laddoos (a sweet) are made of sesame seeds and jaggery for new moms.

4. Papaya

papaya for breast milk

  • Papaya helps in breast milk supply by boosting oxytocin in the mother.
  • Consume papaya raw, or make a salad of raw papaya with basil leaves. You can also try papaya soup.

5. Beta-Glucan

  • The prolactin levels go up when the mother consumes barley. This is because of the presence of beta-glucan present in barley.
  • You can try barley soup, or simply boil barley with water, and consume it as porridge.

6. Yeast

  • Chromium, Selenium, Vitamin B, and protein present in yeast are good nutrition for the new mother.
  • Yeast is rich in probiotics and boosts milk supply. It also improves the mood of the new mothers and can beat the stress.
  • Consuming bread is one of the best ways to add yeast to your diet.

7. Fennel

  • Fennel has galactagogue, which is responsible for improving breast milk quantity and quality.
  • Anecdotal evidence and medical journal acknowledge this benefit of fennel seeds.
  • You can use fennel seeds in multiple forms. Boil the seeds with water, strain and drink it hot like tea, or you can even let it cool and try the cold drink.
  • It also promotes sleep, the much-needed thing for new moms.

Can herbs and foods only help?

While these foods are natural and side-effect-free ways to promote breast milk supply, it is essential to understand, that these only can never help. A proper diet and a stress-free environment are most important too. More than anything else, the mother needs to understand only when she keeps trying, the baby can suck the milk. The mother needs to keep feeding to make this work.

Remember: Do not forget to take plenty of water. Water is a must to promote breast milk supply.