How Can I Help My Baby Learn?

baby learn

Babies keep learning throughout their first year. The tiny infant that doesn’t know anything but to feed and cry to ask for help, starts smiling, babbling, crawling, walking, standing, singing, and a lot more during the first 12 months. Apart from the instinct to learn new things, it is also the responsibility of the parents to help them learn. This makes the process easy for the baby. It doesn’t mean the parents need to put in a lot of effort for this. Certain activities help your baby to learn things faster and in a comfortable way.

1. Spend time in the bathroom

Your baby would love to spend time bathing just not because the bathtub has her favorite toys. It is also because she enjoys your full attention. During bath time,

  • Talk about the toys. Especially about her favorite toys, like the color yellow, or how soft it is.
  • Sing her favorite rhyme, and tell her how a delicious lunch or dinner awaits her.
  • Speak about the bubbles, and ask her to burst them with their fingers.
  • You can also listen to your kid, and get her involved in the chat. This helps the baby learn to speak quickly.

2. Read to the baby

  • Reading various books helps the baby to cultivate the habit of listening, reading, and talking.
  • When you read from books that have only pictures, the baby can associate the words with the images, say experts.
  • This triggers language and communication learning early in babies.

3. Introduce Numbers to babies

  • Even before the baby learns numbers actually, the baby steps begin with differentiating between one and two.
  • You can show her a cup or toy, and let them learn the difference between one and multiple numbers.
  • It is easier to learn “one”, and “more”, and will let your baby learn the concept of numbers.

4. Dine together

how can i help my baby learn

  • The most underrated activity or the one mothers would not believe in is letting their child eat with you.
  • Babies are often fed by parents or caretakers. This is because eating by themselves leads to accidents, until the year of one.
  • When you let your baby eat by herself, she will not only learn to eat but also improves the way the baby holds objects with her hands.
  • Also, there are a plethora of chances she copies her parents’ eating habits. So, try to include colorful healthy foods on your plate.

5. Let her play with objects

  • It’s quite common for babies to get addicted to things you use often. This is the very reason why many babies less than even 12 months are using gadgets.
  • Babies should use blocks and other toys meant for improving cognitive skills.
  • You can even let them play with forks, spoons, small plates, and anything they find attractive in the kitchen. This helps the babies to have a firm grip over the objects they choose to play with.

6. Play with your baby

  • From the olden days, playing with babies is a part of parenting. Anyone who spends time with a baby will start playing peek-a-boo.
  • It is an activity to let the baby understand the concept of hiding and finding things around.
  • You can also try this differently. Hide a small toy in your hands, and search for it with your baby. Place it behind your back, or on your head, and let your baby find it.
  • Bring in your imagination to suit the needs of your baby.

Remember: When you see your baby not responding to any of the activities, or not listening actively, you need to consult your pediatrician.

Ensure the objects that you choose to play with the baby would not hurt her.