How To Trim a Baby’s Nails?

how to trim a baby’s nails

The tiny nails of the babies look cute and are pliable and soft. But still, they scratch your baby’s delicate skin. This is the very reason you need to trim their nails regularly. Their nails grow faster compared with the adults’ nails. You must trim your baby’s nails once every week. You can see that the fingernails grow faster than the toenails. But the task of trimming isn’t as easy as it is trimming your nails. You need to be cautious as the nails and skin are too delicate. Here are tips for trimming your baby’s nails with ease and ensuring safety.

Before trimming the nails:

  • Sit with your baby in a room that is well-lit. You should be comfortable and should be able to see the nails well.
  • If you think you cannot handle your baby alone, have someone else close to you hold the baby
  • Ensure your baby’s finger pad is safe from trimming. This prevents the skin from getting cut.
  • To prevent ingrown nails trim the toenails straight.

Methods you can try:

You can use different materials to trim the nails of your baby.


trimming your baby’s nails

  • As many mothers use clippers for themselves, they might feel using clippers is an easy option.
  • It also is safe compared with other tools. There are clippers designed to be used for babies. They are smaller in size compared with the usual clippers.
  • You can also use a large clipper because it helps to cut the nails in one single action.


  • Scissors with blunt edges can be used to trim the nails of your baby
  • But, not many are confident about using scissors for this purpose
  • The advantage of using a scissor is that you get a neat view of what and where you are cutting


  • Using a file is the safest method as it would take a hard try to hurt the baby.
  • If you want to trim the nails of your newborn baby, a file is the best option.
  • But for older babies, like those who are 5 to 6 months old, this would not work.

How to keep your baby calm while trimming the nails:

Babies usually cry a lot as they are too scared when the parents or caretaker trim their nails. Here are a few tips that would help you complete the task successfully.

  • When you want an uninterrupted session of nail trimming, the best way to do is to clip while the baby sleeps. If she wakes up during the trimming session, wait to continue clipping till she falls asleep again
  • Newborn babies and babies who are alert clench their fists. This leads to tightening of the gap between the nail and fingertip. If you still insist on clipping their nails now, this can lead to injury.
  • You can relax the baby with toys, music, or speaking to her.
  • The best way to get done the task is to choose to cut the nails after a bath. The baby is calm after a bath, and the nails are soft after spending some time in the water.

What should you never do?

  • Do not bite the nails of your baby. This can leave the nails ragged and you can bite the soft flesh of the fingers by mistake.
  • This method can also leave some germs on the fingertips causing infections in the baby

Remember: At times, you might hurt the baby by cutting the fingertip or a toe even after being very cautious. If there is a cut, and if it bleeds do not panic. Rinse the cut underwater. Use a soft and clean cloth to cover the cut. You can apply antibiotic cream after the bleeding stops. Do not use bandages as there is a choking hazard.