Is Your Baby Ready for Potty Training?

baby ready for potty training

Just like with other developmental milestones, each child has their own pace when it comes to potty training. Some kids might get potty trained even before they turn two, while some might not even try before pre-school.

So, there is no clear timeline when it comes to potty training your child; however, there are some signals that you can read to know when to start. 

5 Signs Your Baby is Ready to Get Potty Trained

By paying attention to your baby’s actions, you can spot some of the signs below that indicate that your baby is ready to get potty trained –

Your child’s bowel movements have become predictable

One of the surest signs that your baby is ready to get potty training is that their bowel movements have become very predictable. If they have been able to find a routine, whatever it is, then it might be a good time to start training them. It will also be a much easier task for you to train them in this phase.

There are fewer wet diapers

If your baby can, to some extent, control his bladder for 2 hours or so then they might be ready for potty training. Once they are able to control their bladders for long, you will see fewer wet diapers (and, they will need less changing as well); this is a good time to start.

Your child is able to pull down his pants

Before you start potty training, it is advised to teach your child to pull down and pull up his pants and underwear. To actually learn how to use the potty, he should know how to undress on his own.

Your child is aware of their bodily functions

If your child is aware of his bodily functions, it is a good time to start potty training. For example, if your baby can communicate to you when a bowel movement is on its way, it shows that they are aware of their own bodily functions. Often children don’t communicate verbally but show non-verbal signs like grunting or sitting down every time.

Your baby no longer likes dirty diapers

This is not just a sign but also a really good time to start potty training because if your baby has developed a dislike for dirty diapers and you introduce him or her to the potty, they will learn with enthusiasm. Moreover, almost every child has this (very short-lived) phase when they start hating dirty diapers; identify that phase and start potty training.

Tips to Make Potty Training Easy for You

Potty training is definitely a tiresome task and when you have to do the same thing again and again with no result, you do get frustrated. In such a time, you can use some tips and tricks to make your job easier, like –

  • It is important to understand which potty will be a good fit for your child. Some like to have their own potty while some are more comfortable with a potty seat. So, you will have to do a few experiments and figure out what is best for your baby.
  • When you are potty training your child, dress him or her in dresses or pants that are easy to pull up and down. Dressing them in something complicated with buttons and hooks will defeat your purpose of potty training.
  • Lastly, you need to be very patient with your child. Yes, it will be very frustrating and it is okay to get overwhelmed. However, understand, that each child has their own pace of learning things. So, you will have to be patient and let your child learn at his or her own pace.