Let the Baby Enjoy Your Touch

baby enjoy your touch

The immediate reaction of parents when their babies cry is to lift and cuddle them. It is not only for babies, even for grownup kids, the hug from a parent creates a bond and calms their minds. Skin-to-skin contact is the key to developing bonding in newborns.

That is the way they communicate to their mothers, next to listening to their voice. Studies prove that newborns who enjoy the touch of their parents sleep better and are calmer. Get to know more about the pros of skin-to-skin contact for babies and parents, and how your babies enjoy your touch.

Why touch is important

Touch is the first sense the babies develop in the womb. Around 11 weeks the baby in the womb starts making movements and explores the environment. They are all set to know about pressure, pain, heat, and cold around the third trimester. This sense of touch is what they rely on to learn about the shape and texture after a few months of birth.

The sense of touch keeps growing and evolving all around their first year of birth. Their skin is too sensitive for the first few months. They learn about bonding and communication only through the skin to skin contact. A baby of 2 or 3 months starts enjoying the cuddles and touches. They slowly start enjoying being in the water and caressed by their parents. These facts prove why it is vital to offer touch, cuddle, or a hug to your babies.

How your touch benefits babies and yourself

It can sound astonishing but mothers, or fathers, also get benefitted from the touch –

  • Touching your babies often or skin-to-skin contact brings down the stress level of the mothers or fathers.
  • It helps in lowering postpartum depression.
  • Parents who often touch their babies can get cues better and faster.
  • For mothers who had a C-Section skin to skin, contact is the best way to ease breastfeeding.
  • Lactation production is triggered

Here are the benefits the babies enjoy when their mothers touch them –

  • Skin-to-skin contact immediately after birth regulates the breathing, heartbeat, and temperature of the babies. It also helps the baby by letting it cry lesser.
  • Babies whose mothers touch them often recognize their mothers faster and can understand the mother’s words better.
  • In the case of new-born, the chest area of the mother is warmer by 2 degrees and offers a natural warm spot to the babies. It works both ways, where the temperature of the mother rises if the baby’s temperature drops, and vice versa.
  • Improves digestion and elimination in babies
  • Weight gain is great for babies who are born preterm.

Pro Tip: While it is often the mothers who often skin to skin contact, in a case when she is not medically fit, the fathers too can offer skin-to-skin contact.

The entire idea of skin-to-skin contact works wonders for mothers and babies simultaneously. Babies sleep better, and the oxytocin levels of the mother rise. This means the environment is stress-free for the newborn and the parent. This offers a relaxed home to everyone.

Various ways your child can enjoy your touch

You don’t need to keep touching your baby now and then, and this can be quite disadvantageous too. Ensure your hands are clean before you touch the baby. Here are ways you can ensure your baby gets enough of your touch.

  • Hold and caress the baby while putting it to sleep. Stay close and sing or play music while they enjoy your warmth.
  • Massaging the baby gently is another way to assure your care and love through touch
  • Bath time is perfect for babies to know that the parent offers touch and learn to know about things of different textures.

Remember: A baby can easily identify the difference between the touch of a parent and a caretaker. For mothers who need to return to work quickly, touch during sleep hours is the best way to assure love and care for the baby.