Living With Pets – Keeping Your Baby Safe

Living with pets – Keeping your baby safe

Pets are loveable and loyal friends, yet unpredictable. You might be aware of how your pet reacts to other animals but cannot say so when you are expecting your bundle of joy. When babies grow, crawl, and walk, they tend to pull and grasp things around. Your pet can be one among them.

Letting your pet and baby cohabitate with no hassles is possible when you are careful about a few things.

What is the benefit of having a pet in the house with a baby around?

When young children are exposed to pets from a very small age, the chances of getting allergies as an adult are lesser. The immune system of your baby strengthens, thanks to the bacteria that hang around with your dogs and cats. Children who share a home with a pet have lesser chances of respiratory infections, say analysts.

Another benefit of having a pet is your child has a sibling already. The love and care pets show are incredible.

Still, you cannot rule out the fact that there are certain things you can never tend to forget when you are expecting your baby, while you have a pet.

What should you do?

  • Introduce your baby to the pet slowly. If your pet is a dog, you can let it sniff the newborn’s blanket, make it listen to the noise of the baby, etc. The best way is to bring in a professional trainer and get his/her suggestions.
  • Allocate space for your pet. You need to make your pet and child understand, this is the place where your pet would take a break or would be made to sit when they have had enough time together. This is mandatory, when you bring in a new pet, while you already have a toddler.
  • It is natural that a new arrival to the home gets all the attention. Your pets may not like this. The best way to keep your pets engaged and put off rivalry is to give them good exercise and keep it exhausted. If you feel your newborn needs more time for a couple of days, or you are exhausted between your baby and furry friend, the ideal option is to find a local shelter that can take care of your pet baby for a few days.
  • One of the things pet parents should always keep in mind is never to leave them together alone. It might take a few years for your baby to stay with the animal alone. The same holds true when putting your baby in a swing. Animals are excited about moving objects, so keep your pet away while placing the baby in a cradle or a swing.

Safety measures to follow:

While you might have already thought about the aforementioned factors, there are a few important things that you might forget, such as –

  • When you have a home for pets, check the flap. It should be of a small size so that the baby is not able to fit into it.
  • Whenever you notice strange behavior in your dog, speak to an expert. It can be a sign of jealousy and the animal could prove to be dangerous.

If you want to ensure there would be a peaceful and harmonious long-term relationship between your pet and kid, stay wary of the strange actions of your furry friend and baby for the first few years.

Encourage your child to play with the pets without hurting them. Appreciate them for not hurting the pet. Keep a watch on your child and pet when they play, despite how cordial their relationship is.


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