Make Bath Time Fun and Safe for Your Baby

bath time fun and safe for your baby

Almost all babies love being in the water; it is like their own personal waterpark and they look forward to splashing around and enjoying a good time.

However, bath time could be a nerve-wracking experience for parents because you are almost always worried that you might hurt him or them; especially, when they are wriggling all the time. But, trust us, once you get the hang of it, you will both start looking forward to bath time. You can also try some unique ways to make the bath time fun and safe for your baby.

Here’s how you can make bath time fun for your baby …

Some unique ways in which you can add a little element of fun to your baby’s bath time, are –

  • Choose some good bath toys

Nowadays there is a huge variety of bath toys available in the market for every age group. Find the perfect toy to make your baby’s bath time a fun experience. You can also choose toys that promote learning as well; such as a small plastic cup toy that promotes actions like pouring and dumping.

  • Add foam or bubbles

There are several tear-free products that can help you make a little foam in the tub. However, while choosing a product, carefully read all the ingredients and make sure there are no substances in it that could harm your baby. You can also introduce bubbles; not only is it a fascinating experience for the baby but also promotes hand action.

  • Sing or talk to your baby

Sometimes babies get overwhelmed when too many elements are introduced in their environment all at once. It leads to excess stimulation and can make them feel uneasy. If you are also facing the same problem, then you can opt to sing in the bath. You can sing a rhyme or a song; or better yet, you can even talk to the baby. It could also prove to be a wonderful bonding experience.

Here’s how you can make bath time safe for your baby …

If you are worried about your baby’s safety while bathing him or her, here are a few ways in which you can make bath time safe for your baby –

  • Know when to start a tub bath

Usually, the ideal thing to do is to give your baby a sponge bath until the umbilical cord falls off. Once that happens, you can gradually introduce them to a tub bath. You must also choose a tub very carefully; it is recommended to choose one that has a contoured design that prevents the baby from sliding every now and then.

  • 10 – 15 minutes is a good enough time

Babies often have dry and sensitive skin; and, bathing products (even the ones that claim they are safe for kids) can be harsh on their skin. If your baby also has dry and sensitive skin, avoid longer baths. A 15-minute bath is an ideal time for almost all babies.

  • Take care of the temperature

As we mentioned, babies have sensitive skin and even a little hot water could end up causing serious injury. Usually, doctors recommend warm water i.e. it should not be cold but not be hot either. The best way to ensure that you have the right temperature is to dip your elbow into the tub. If you feel the water is warm and not hot, you are good to go. Also, to make bath time safe for your baby, you must know when to stop. Ideally, bath time is over when the water cools and is no longer warm enough.