Amplim Premium Baby Care Bundle Baby Feeding Bibs (3-Pack) Toddler / Baby Bibs for Eating and Manual Breast Pump Milk… Price: $22.92 (as of 09/30/2022 19:51 PST- Details)

STRONG SUCTION | Adjust suction by the amount of squeezing on the base. Start with a softer squeeze for sensitive or engorged nipples to avoid soreness or pain. Increase squeeze for stronger suction. Find a suction level that is comfortable for you. Can also be used for any catch let-down while breastfeeding
CONVENIENCE | Portable, and lightweight. Perfect for travel and it fits easily in a baby bag. A must-have when on the go and didn’t know if one could plug in. Use silently, discreetly, and quickly when needed. Easy to clean with tap or boiling water. The stopper is designed to prevent milk spills
PROVEN QUALITY | Trusted American company. 100% factory tested and comes with 30-day money back guarantee plus a 2-year warranty. Meets USA regulations. Classy product with great built quality