BumbleBee Breast Pump Manual Silicone Breastfeeding Collection Cups Pump Stopper lid Pouch in Gift Box Food Grade…

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BumbleBee Manual Breast Pump Combo has packed with 2 different breast pumps, which are silicone one and manual one with handle. To satisfy mothers in all situations, they can choose the best and most suitable one. Extremely soft and simple-use BumbleBee product helps mothers have an easy life.
Manual breast pump for pumping breast milk and use home, it efficiently works for mothers who are having lactating difficulties. And another silicone breast pump has a light weight and easier to use, so that mothers can bring by themselves for outdoor activities.
BumbleBee manual breast pump combo has an economical price with diverse products. More practical and reasonable, and it can also decrease some unnecessary trouble and expenditure for mothers. Use with a set of product is more simple and convenient.