DENICO Wearable Breast Pump Hands Free – Portable Breast Pump Kit- Rechargeable Electric Breast Pumps with 3 Modes, 10… Price: $79.95 (as of 09/24/2022 18:47 PST- Details)

Wearable: This starter wearable breast pump hands free works with any nursing bra and allows women freedom while pumping. The portable breast pump hands free makes pumping easier with a milk cup.
Silicone: This silicone hands free breast pump is easy to use and clean, especially for busy mothers. The suction silicone breast pump offers extra comfort and ease with with a different shield and flange sizes.
Cordless and wireless: Denico analysed mams experience and made a battery operated portable breast pump hands free without a single wire, cord, or tube. The cordless breast pump with catcher makes the day easier