Double Electric Breast Pump for Breastfeeding Hands Free Pumping in Bra with Baby Bottles Touchscreen LED Display 12… Price: $119.99 (as of 09/24/2022 18:54 PST- Details)

Hospital Grade: It mimics the natural rhythm of breastfeeding for babies, providing a painless and efficient way to breastfeed. Expressed breast milk 220ml in five minutes. 2 Modes and 12 levels of adjustment for the most comfortable feeding.
Lower Noise & Hygienic First – Only 25dB, such as whispering, much lower than others. There is no need to worry about waking up your sleeping baby at night while breast pumping. The breastmilk collector is also BPA-free to keep the integrity of the expressed milk intact.
No Leaks – Reliable closed system to ensure milk doesn’t flow backward and get contaminated. Easy to clean the breastpump parts.