Duckbill Valves & Silicone Diaphragm for S9/S10/S12/S4DW,Wearable Breast Pump Universal Duckbill Valve and Silicone… Price: $12.99 (as of 09/29/2022 21:19 PST- Details)

AUYE diaphragm & duckbill valve is suitable for wearable breast pump: suitable for S9/S12 wearable breast pump. 4 pieces Color Statement: Diaphragm is not transparent.
Easy Cleaning, wash the accessories with warm soapy water everytime after using.
Silicone diaphragm & duckbill valve: silicone material. It can be sterilized with steam, boiling water or microwave steam bag. 100% BPA free.