Greenstar Naturals Manual Breast Pump, Designed to Provide Hands-Free Breastfeeding While Traveling, Breastpump has a… Price: $20.40 (as of 09/25/2022 19:59 PST- Details)

NEED TO FEED YOUR BABY ON-THE-GO? THIS IS THE BEST TRAVEL FRIENDLY PUMP: Electrical pumps come with too many accessories and require a power supply, but feeding is easy when you use Green Star Natural’s compact Breast Milk Pump. You can pump before you go and store milk in the bottle or storage bags provided. The single manual design is comfortable and features an easy suction so you can pump ounces quickly. This pumping tool is perfect for use when time takes moms away from their babies
KEEP MILK FRESH AND PUMP OUNCES QUICKLY WITH STRONG VACUUM: Green Star Naturals’ Breast Milk Pump comes with a convenient silicone pad that is great for increasing the vacuum seal when pumping. This protects the milk and ensures each bottle is easy to fill. The vacuum extractor makes pumping milk as quick and easy as possible so you can get back to your busy life! Other products are too complicated to use, only the Breast Milk Pump by Green Star Naturals has the simplicity and power you need
PUMPING IS QUIET SO YOU CAN NURSE IN PEACE, THANKS TO THE MANUAL DESIGN. Don’t purchase big, noisy electric pumps that might wake your newborn from their sound sleep. The Portable manual pump from Green Star Naturals is the best handheld option for a calm nursing experience. Don’t complicate breastfeeding with pumps which have tubing and numerous parts. This small, discreet compact pump is the simplest accessory of them all, and fits easily in your bag