haakaa Manual Breast Pump 4oz/100ml and Breastmilk Storage Bag 5pk & Blush Silicone Cleaning Brush Set.

Amazon.com Price: $56.14 (as of 09/25/2022 20:02 PST- Details)

The haakaa Silicone Breast pump lets you express milk using the power of natural suction! Simply squeeze, attach to your breast and let it work its magic. Forget expensive electric breast pumps that are difficult to use and impossible to clean – the haakaa breast pump doesn’t require any cords or assembly, smooth inside and extremely easy to clean that by simply boiling in water for 2-3 minutes.
Our haakaa Manual Breast Pump is lightweight, portable and the perfect tool for every baby bag. Use it on long distance trips, or anywhere you would like to express silently, discreetly and quickly. While breastfeeding, attach it to the lateral breast to catch any let-down that would otherwise be lost in a disposable nursing pads.
Mum’s breasts come in all kind of sizes, which is why we have designed our haakaa Breast Pump flange to fit all kinds of breasts! They are also made with super soft silicone that is gentle and comfortable on sensitive skin.