haakaa Manual Breast Pump with Suction Base and Flower Stopper Set for Breastfeeding (5oz/150ml)(White)

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Haakaa Gen.2 Manual Breast Pumps – 5oz/150ml Breast Pump with Suction Base. Additional Suction base is designed to prevent any accidental falling or knocking down. The accessory haakaa breastpump flower stopper is available in any haakaa pumps. Keep fresh and no leak of any drops.
Easy to catch onto any sizes of breasts by natural suction. No cords, no battery required. Hand free without wearing nursing bra. Squeeze air out of the haakaa pump and position the opening centre your nipple. Then restore your breastpump, once the haakaa pump sucks onto breast, it would automatic start work for you to gain breast milk.
Simple Haakaa Manual Breast Pump Easy to Use. When nursing baby, the quiet working haakaa pump won’t disturb your baby but does help you to catch the overflow. Avoid wetting your clothes and baby. Moreover, before or after baby eats, or at any time, you also use this pump to solve the milk inflation situation.