haakaa Silicone Breast Pump & Silicone Cap 5.4oz/150ml and Silicone Cleaning Brush Kit – SUVA Grey

Amazon.com Price: $51.28 (as of 09/24/2022 18:47 PST- Details)

Our Manual Breast Pump is lightweight, portable and the perfect tool for every baby bag. Use it on long distance trips or anywhere you would like to express silently, discreetly and quickly. While breastfeeding, attach it to the lateral breast to catch any letdown that would otherwise be lost in a disposable nursing pads. The Gen. 2 Haakaa Manual Breast Pump comes with a suction base that sticks to flat surfaces to prevent accidental spills.
Our patented, upgraded Silicone Breast Pump Cap seals tightly onto the flange of your haakaa Breast Pump to help to stop spills and prevent any dust from setting inside your pump between uses. haakaa Lid can be pulled and pressed without losing its shape. Our breast pump silicone cap fits all three generations of haakaa Silicone Breast pump.
360°Overall Cleaning – 3 different brushes with 4 sizes of brush heads to reach every corner of the products you want to clean and satisfy your cleaning needs.