Loveishere Manual Breast Pump Silicone Breastfeeding Milk Pump with Breast Milk Storage Bag 4pcs ,300 ml, 10oz Reusable… Price: $24.99 (as of 09/29/2022 21:02 PST- Details)

VALUE MAMAS LOVE : Loveishere is by your side, making it easy to nourish your little one until YOU feel weaning is right with the BREAST FEEDING ESSENTIALS set – 4, 10oz breast milk storing bags.
Keeping Breast Milk Fresh – The stopper can tightly lock the liquid inside the milk storage bag. Unlike the plastic or disposable breast milk storage bags which will break when pressed or impacted by external forces.
Very Easy to Clean – Use the sponge or silicone brush to scrub inner and outer of storage bag. High temperature clean is allowed. The silicone breastmilk storage bag can be cleaned by boiling water for only 1 minute.