Maymom Wide Bottle Neck Pump Parts for Spectra S1 S2 Pumps; Incl One Wide 28 mm Mouth Flange; Not Original Spectra… Price: $9.49 (as of 09/30/2022 19:51 PST- Details)

Contains ONE Flange. Buy two units if you pump on both breasts at the same time. 1x 28mm widemouth flange compatible with spectra s1 pump, s2 pump and 9 pump. Suitable for mother with a nippie diameter 26-27mm (measured AFTER a pumping session). Suitable for spectra s2 accessory replacement.
BPA free; Complies with US FDA regulation for plastics that contact foods
Works with spectra wide mouth bottles, AVENT bottles, and Maymom wide mouth bottles. They are NOT compatible with OTHER wide mouth bottles.