NAGRAN Duckbill Valves & Silicone Diaphragm for S9/S10/S12/S4DW,Wearable Breast Pump Universal Duckbill Valve and… Price: $14.99 (as of 09/30/2022 20:12 PST- Details)

NAGRAN duckbill valves and silicone diaphragm fittings are universal for most wearable breast pumps on the market, such as the S9/S10/S12/S4DW wearable breast pumps.
Silicone diaphragm keeps the breast pump suction strong enough and also helps the bottle stay sealed. The duckbill valve is designed to prevent backflow of breast milk. The silicone diaphragm and the duckbill valve accessory are perfectly suitable to meet your requirements when using a wearable breast pump.
BPA free, the silicone diaphragm piece and duckbill valve are made of food grade silicone which is very safe, soft and odorless so you can feel completely at ease with your baby’s milk.