Nenesupply 24mm Flange Pump Parts Compatible w Spectra S2 S1 Breast Pumps Replacement Kit for Spectra Pump Parts S2… Price: $29.99 (as of 03/30/2023 17:53 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

NENESUPPLY COMPATIBLE PUMP PARTS FOR SPECTRA S1 SPECTRA S2 SPECTRA 9 PLUS BREASTPUMPS. Made by Nenesupply. Not Original Spectra S1 accessories. Inc 2 Medium 24mm Flanges, 2 Duckbill Valves, 2 Backflow Protectors, and 2 Tubing. The flanges need to connect with WIDE MOUTH bottles.
AFTERMARKET PARTS MADE BY NENESUPPLY. INTERCHANGEABLE WITH SPECTRA PUMP PARTS and Spectra S2 Accessories. Can be used with Spectra flange, Spectra backflow protector, Spectra valves, and Spectra tubing.
USED WITH WIDE-MOUTH BOTTLES. Use this kit with Spectra bottles, Avent bottles, and Nenesupply wide mouth bottles. DOES NOT work with OTHER WIDE NECK BOTTLES. CLOSED SYSTEM. No contact between milk and tubing.