OMFMF Wearable Breast Pump,Quiet & Hands-Free,Portable,in-Bra Double Electric Breast Pump,Pain Free Strong Breastfeeding… Price: $99.93 (as of 09/29/2022 21:03 PST- Details)

【Convenient Hands-free Pumping】The electric breast pump has no tubes and no wire. It can be worn inside a standard nursing bra, so you can pump completely hands-free anytime, anywhere. It’s lightweight and has a rechargeable battery, making it easy to move around, bring to work or on-the-go. With a small, individual motor on each side and super comfortable silicone breast shields, the pump provides ultra-convenient hands-free pumping experience.
【Pump in Right Position】The OMFMF breast pump range is capable of supporting the semi-lying position. Therefore, it is perfect for mothers who have delivered through the C-section. Note: If there is milk leakage. Please pay attention to whether the sitting position is correct when pumping.The correct position is to sit and suck with your body tilted forward at 45 degrees, keeping the milk container upright during and after pumping.
【Easy Set up and Cleanup】 Our breast pump is designed to produce more milk in less time. This breast pump has three modes with five levels, so it’s easy to find a custom setting that works for you and it is adjustable for both suction and speed. The pump is feature state-of-the-art portable breast pump. It allows you to have multiple letdowns or milk releases. it is easy to clean and only need three steps assemble.