Peri Bottle for Postpartum Care & Yoni Oil Gift Set | Postpartum Gifts for Mom – After Birth Essentials for Mom… Price: $15.99 (as of 09/27/2022 19:20 PST- Details)

🎁 ELEGANTLY GIFT-BOXED and ready to bestow on the mommy-to-be, the Sasána Perineal Bottle and Yoni Oil are perfect gifts for new moms after birth and thoughtful addition to her postpartum essentials kit. It makes an impressive baby shower gift for your wife, sister, daughter, best friend, coworker or girlfriend.
❤️ PRIORITIZE MOMMY CARE with Sasána postpartum recovery kit that includes Peri Bottle for postpartum care and yoni spray oil. The postpartum peri bottle helps sooth tender vaginal tissues after childbirth. A perfect addition to a mommy bag for hospital. Organic Yoni Oil has anti-inflammatory properties to help maintain balance and lubrication of the vulva.
🌿 NATURAL & HYPOALLERGENIC Sasána Yoni Oil for woman is an all-natural hypoallergenic moisturizer spray that can help soothe her intimate areas. It is made from holistic ingredients: Rose essential oil, Mugwort Leaf, Magnolia Officinalis, Clove, and Angelica. A perfect addition to her feminine hygiene routine by providing effective relief from odor, dryness and itching.