safeBB Seat Belt Cover, Seat Belt Adjuster, Headrest Hooks Bundle! Car seat Strap Covers. Seat Belt Adjuster for Kids… Price: $0.00 (as of 09/25/2022 12:46 PST- Details)

👍Great value gift set! Is Your Seatbelt Always A Neck Belt? This seat belt adjuster is for kids, adults and elderly – you don’t even need to be short to use it! If you answer yes to “seatbelt discomfort”, then it’s for you!
👍An Extra 20g of ‘Pillow’! Our seatbelt cushion is stuffed with extra premium PP Cotton. Unlike others with only 41g, this car seat belt cover offers more depth of support as a seatbelt pillow for kids or adult. And while it can’t stop you leaning forwards as you nod off, it’s more forgiving than seatbelt nylon!
👍 Bonus Headrest Hooks. It converts your car’s headrest into a storage space. The headrest hooks can hang groceries, schoolbags, water bottles, baby supplies and much more. We also packaged seat belt adjuster, seat belt cover in a gift box (not a random plastic bag!), so it’s nice to unbox! Stop your kids messing with uncomfortable seatbelts and order this soft, comfy set now from safeBB. Spongy Soft Travel Comfort: SafeBB Strap Adjuster Set is for comfy for your journey.