Wearable Breast Pump Hands Free – Compact Portable Electric Breastpump, 2 Mode & 9 Levels Adjustable for Comfortable…

Amazon.com Price: $42.49 (as of 09/29/2022 21:04 PST- Details)

LIGHTWEIGHT & COMFORTABLE: New generation wearable breast pump, pump and milk collector in one, more lightweight. The oval-shaped diaphragm better fits the shape of the female breast and is more comfortable to wear. Portable wireless breast pump dmimic the shape of breast, can hide in underwear without worrying about noticeable when work or travel.
LOW NOISE: The electric pump adopts the new generation motor, which has a longer service life, and the suction force will not be significantly reduced after long-term use. More quiet and silent, the highest level of noise does not exceed 45 dB, even when breastfeeding, you can accompany your sleeping baby.
EFFICIENT & PAINLESS: Electric breast pump with 2 mode 9 levels. Features massage mode and suction mode. The massage mode effectively promotes breast milk secretion and increase milk production. The suction mode simulates the baby’s sucking frequency, combined with an oval flange that better fits the shape of the breast, to help moms feel comfortable and reduce pain.