Do You Have the Right Bedding for Your Baby?

bedding for your baby

New parents tend to have lots of questions regarding buying things for their babies including the choice of bedding.

Every baby spends nearly two-third part of the day sleeping. It is around 15 to 17 hours, and you must invest in the right bedding to make the baby feel comfortable.

A comfy bed and a peaceful sleep are necessary for babies to grow. A crib and bedding that are safe and clean are much-needed items when you start shopping for your baby.

What should you focus on while shopping?

Choose a soft fabric

It is quite natural to go for colorful and attractive bedding and mattresses. However, the right way is to start with a gentle and soft fabric. The softest bedding fabric is what your baby needs. Cotton linen is a good choice and the ones with high thread count will give your baby the maximum softness.

Choose colors carefully

Lots of choices are available when it comes to colors and designs. The key is to go for the light-colored bedding and pillow covers and also choose the ones with minimum designs. The reason is you can easily identify any particle on light-colored fabrics (it can be any insect, dirt, or even food particles).

Invest in a mattress protector

After buying a crib or a bed, remember to get a mattress protector too. It absorbs the moisture in case of a little accident on the bed and keeps the baby dry and free from moisture. It is also hygienic and protects the mattress from getting damaged. The bedding and the protector must be easy to wash. Spend a few minutes while you shop for them to read the wash care instructions.


Here are some things to remember when setting up your baby’s bedding –

  • If you use a crib, you must consider the different toys you can hang around it. Ensure they are 12 inches away from the baby. Gadgets that come with a cord-like baby monitor should be kept 3 feet away from the baby’s bed. In fact, almost every object should be 3 feet away from the crib.
  • When it comes to the mattress, do not opt for the soft ones. Firm mattresses are the best choices. Babies have soft bones that are delicate. A firm mattress only can let your baby sleep comfortably. How would you check if the mattress is firm? Simple, you need to press the mattress at a few places all over. The mattress should press down but should not conform to your hand’s shape.
  • Until your baby turns one do not dump many bedsheets around the bedding or inside the crib. This can turn hazardous, as babies grasp things after they turn 4 months, and can place these sheets on their face. To avoid the danger of suffocation, you should also ensure that the sheets are tightly fitted and your baby would not be able to pull them over.
  • Reviews are how new parents identify the best products. But, certifications are ideal means to pick the right bedding and cribs. Reputed manufacturers test their products for chemicals, safety standards, and durability. They would not shy off from posing with their certifications. Trust these over the advertisements and reviews.

The shopping experience of bedding should not only be based on your desire to own beautiful cribs and beds. Consider the above factors to find the perfect bedding for your baby!