White Noise for Baby’s Sleep

white noise for babies sleep

White noise contains all noise frequencies of the audible sound across the spectrum in equal measure. It is also called broadband noise. Various studies have proved that white noise helps humans in multiple ways, like helping in improved work performance and decreasing crying in infants. According to the American Academy of Paediatrics, white noise cuts down the crying time. Also, sleep quality is improved even in colic babies. Also, it is often used to promote better sleep in babies. Find why babies’ white noise can be helpful and how to use it.

Why do babies like white noise?

  • The baby in the womb gets used to various noises. The rhythmic breathing of the mom, the blood movement around the body, and the heartbeat are something the baby is used to even in the womb.
  • These sounds are comforting for the baby. Also, they hear various noises from the outer world too.
  • The protective outer environment lets them hear the noises comfortably.
  • The babies’ sound in the womb is around 70 to 91 decibels, approximately similar to that of a vacuum.
  • When your baby is born it feels insecure in the world, with the tones hushes, and other types of noises.
  • With the white noise, they relate to the womb-like environment. This is why they feel comfortable, calm, and fall asleep quicker.
  • The white noise drowns the other sounds like the doorbell, and the usual sounds of the home caused due to domestic chores.

Using white noise sources

white noise sources

Every new parent would find it worthy investing in a white noise machine. The babies have a sleep pattern that takes them into a deep sleep, and an active sleep pattern. They would wake up every 20 minutes due to this. A white noise machine can help them sleep more.

  • A few parents use white noise sounds of rain, apps, vacuum, birds, running water, and hair dryers.
  • Investing in a white noise machine makes the task easier. When buying a white noise machine, find a machine that would let you select the sound, has an automatic on and off feature, and a timer.
  • You need to understand that like adults, babies have their sound preferences. So the white noise machine or source you use should let you turn down the volume.

Things you should know when using white noise for your baby

  • If you are using white noise for 4 to 6 months, and see that your child sleeps well, you might stop using it. Avoid it.
  • Babies can wake up crying due to teething, and if they have an active sleep pattern. You can find the white noise source coming in handy even after the baby turns one.
  • Do not use white noise throughout the day. Use only for sleep hours, especially at night.
  • While white source apps and machines offer more than 20 sounds, only a few offer the magic of womb-like noise. Check what sound makes your baby sleep. Stick to the ones which your baby prefers.
  • Choose the white noise machines that are responsive. Only a few play the sound your baby loves continuously and automatically.
  • Check out the features of the machine before purchasing. Machines that use batteries or timer stops working when the battery drains. When this happens during mid of night, the baby wakes up and gets cranky.
  • When you are on the go, you can try the apps for generating white noise.

Remember: When your baby grows a bit older, you need to stop using the white noises gradually. The noise is not something you can crutch for years.