Some Reasons Babies Cry

why do babies cry

Some babies cry all the time because crying is the only way in which they can communicate with you.

However, as a new parent, it can certainly be an overwhelming feeling when you cannot understand what your baby wants. In reality, it is not so tricky. All it needs is a little patience and practice; and, you will surely get the hang of it.

Why do babies cry?

There can be many reasons why babies cry, such as –

1. Hunger

The most common reason why babies cry is hunger. You can help your baby by understanding the signs of hunger before they start crying. As you gain practice, you will be able to see signs such as fussing, lip-smacking, and putting their hand to their mouth.

2. Feeling too cold or too hot

Newborn babies like to keep warm. Usually, babies will complain if they feel even a little chilly while their tolerance to warmth is considerably higher. Crying is another way of communicating that they might be feeling too cold or too hot. The thumb rule is that a baby will be comfortable in one more layer than what you might need.

3. Feeling sleepy

Babies get tired easily and the only thing they want to do at that point in time is to sleep. However, it is not as easy as it sounds because babies can get fussy and cranky when they feel tired and sleepy; and, they are unable to fall asleep if there is even a slight distraction in their environment. Try to create a calm and peaceful environment for your baby to fall asleep.

4. Stomach problem (like gas)

Yes, babies also suffer from stomach problems and the most common issue is gas. If your baby gets fussy and cranky just after being fed, he or she may be suffering from gas. Some babies might not suffer from gastric problems on a regular basis but almost all babies experience an occasional episode of gas or tummy trouble. If your baby seems to be suffering from gas, place them on their back and move their legs in a gentle, bicycling motion. However, consult your doctor before you administer any over-the-counter drops.

5. Dirty diaper

Some babies are able to tolerate a dirty diaper for a long time while others will let you know right away when they need to be changed. This is also something that you will be able to understand on your own in a few days or weeks, maybe.

6. Needs to burp

When babies feed, they tend to suck in the air as well. This upsets many babies and they need to be burped to let the air out. If your baby is crying even after being fed, there are high chance that they are feeling uncomfortable and need to be burped.

7. Wants to be held

Babies love to be held, especially, by their parents. They also love to look at their parents’ faces, listen to their voices or simply cuddle with them. If your baby is crying and they have already been fed and/or are not tired, then it could be asking to be held.

What to do if my baby is still crying?

Babies cry for a wide variety of reasons. If you have checked for all the reasons mentioned above and your baby is still crying; it is okay, don’t worry. Try to see if they are hurt somewhere or maybe there is just too much noise around for their comfort. Make a few changes in their immediate surrounding and see if it makes a difference.